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Monday, January 29, 2007

Minions #45 - Uncivil Disobedience

Looking is free - at least until we can find a way to charge for it. We're evil, darn it!

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Notes from the Hall of Injustice
This is the most Minions you've ever seen at once. It's not all the minions. I think I have two more on standby, but pretty much every established Minion is here.

The "Hall of Justice" is a nod to the watered-down 70s cartoon version of "The Justice League of America" called "Superfriends" The Hall of Justice was their headquarters. Of course "Hall of Justice" is also the name in many localities for the courthouse or police headquarters, but our intention is more in the super-hero direction this time.

This is also the first ever Minions cartoon without a caption. It just didn't seem to need it, especially if you pay close attention to those signs.

And just to be clear, they guy on the bus bench isn't intended to be Richard Marchinko. It's another guest appearance by my "mini-me." I've really got to put some more gray in his beard one of these days.

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1 comment:

BrineB said...

Very cool!!! I love the signs, especially "Your Ad Here" and "Heros Unfair To Working Minions" ... reminds me of Local 13, Villains, thieves and Scoundrels Union!!!