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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Minions #42 - Out There

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Notes from the Minion Master:

Remember, if your shirt is not red, you will live forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but at least you won't get all the salt sucked out of your body by a rubber monster before the first commercial.

By now, you must be asking yourself, "oh, wise Minion Master, where can I possibly find a shirt that is not red?" Funny you should ask...

Introducing (in case you didn't already read our mid-week post announcing it) the brand new, long-in-the-works-but-not-released-until-now Minions at Work Lair of Merchandise! Because nobody demanded it, we've set up a Cafe Press shop with a whole range of Minions goodies, from hats and tee-shirts, to office accessories, to a Minions teddy-bear. Pretty much nothing is beneath us if it will make us a buck or two. (And that's about all it will make us, but every little bit help offset the ongoing expense of bringing you Minions at Work every week. Of course, you could also just buy a pile of our books. I wouldn't complain.) Maybe my favorite item: A "Walking the dinosaur" dog tee-shirt, based on Minions #17.

The designs are still in flux, so we appreciate your ideas and comments.

To start shopping, just click on the logo below...
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All our shirts are guaranteed not to be red. We make no promises though, if you wear one of our Minions shirts and start calling yourself "Number 13." That's your call.

And what if you're the kind of lazy, cheap, no-good mooch who just reads Minions at Work every week and does nothing at all to support it, not even inflicting it upon their friends? Well, actually we're kinda good with that. It is, after all, evil, and that's where we're coming from...

- Steve, Minion Master


Anonymous said...

Click on WHAT logo? I don't see any logo, you tease!

J. Steven York said...

Apparently some ad-blockers are blocking the graphic banners I was posting as links. See the next post for details. Here's the link to paste into your browser.