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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A better link for the Cafe Press shop

When I tried looking at Minions at Work from my laptop in an effort to order some of my own shirts (two for Chris and I to wear to an upcoming science fiction convention, and one to send to the granddaughter) I couldn't see the banners with the links! Seems something (probably Norton) was blocking them as banner ads. So here's another try. Link to the shop here.

And here's the plain text link, that ANYBODY should be able to cut and paste into their browser.

I'm going to be updating the Template that controls the appearance of Minions at Work in the next day or so. It may cause some minor glitches in the short term, but it will allow me to use new Blogger tools which make changing things (like adding a link to the shop into the sidebar) much easier. So if you check in and things look funny, don't panic. Post a comment (preferably to this post) to let me know what's happening and I'll get it fixed.


-Steve, Evil Overlord of Templates

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