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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Minions #44 - Off the Beam

Looking is free - at least until we can find a way to charge for it. We're evil, darn it!

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Our New Look (and a call for links)

As you can see, we're making lots of cosmetic changes here. We've added direct links to buy my books, we have links for the Minions store, and there's a new "Thanks for the Link" feature that we'd like to point out. We need to get out word about "Minions at Work" to the world a large. If you have a blog or web page, we'd really appreciate a link, either in a post, or on your permanent favorite links list. Tell us about it, and we'll link your blog or page back to our "Thanks for the Link" section. We'll keep the latest ten or twenty on the list, depending on how much response we get.

About Those Shirts

We ordered some samples from our new Cafe Press shop and they came in this week. I got an "Exploding Silo" tee for myself, a "Evil Nature" ringer tee for Chris, and a toddler "Evil Nature" tee that is a hit with everybody we've showed it to. Chris and I will be modeling our tees at Radcon, and the toddler tee will be mailed off to a very special young model. Hopefully I'll have pictures to share here pretty soon.

So far, I've very pleased with the quality of the merchandise and the level of service. Things were sent promptly, communication was excellent, and we got a UPS tracking number to follow our package across country. Plus, the shirts look great. I really should include the URL here in the design though, so I'll be making changes down the road. Hey, these early-design shirts could turn out to be valuable collectors items (yeah, right), so get them while they last.

Personal appearance update:

Chris and I are (weather permitting) scheduled to appear at the Radcon Gaming and Science Fiction convention, Feb. 16-18 in Pasco, Washington. Many other cool people there, including science fiction legend Larry Niven, authors (and definitely cool people) John Dalmas and Jay Lake, and science fiction artist Bill Warren (I've got several of his pieces in my personal collection).

It should be great fun based on our experience last year. If you're in the northwest, I encourage you to drop by and say hi.

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