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Friday, November 06, 2015

While we're gearing up to the relaunch of Minions at Work 2.0, we've set up a test website to work on our new site design and figuring out the software. This is the first place that new content will be posted when it's available, and that will happen in advance of our "official" launch, at which point this domain will probably be redirected to the new site. Until then, the test site will see pretty much daily reposts of classic Minions at Work panels, along with all new commentary and bonus material. Also, we've just added "Meet the Minions" and "Meet the Overlords" pages, with bios and pictures of our characters. The Minions page is based on material from this site, but has been revised and expanded. The Overlord page is all new material, and hopefully, both will be fun reads for Minions at Work fans. Visit the test site at: Minions at Work Beta Test Site

We're also making regular updates to our Facebook page with behind-the-scenes information on Minions at Work 2.0. Minions at Work Facebook Group

Hope to see you there!

- Your Minion Master, Steve

Greetings, Overstocks and Factory Seconds!
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Work in Progress: Finally, Minions at Work 2.0!

Surprise! After years of inactivity caused by life events (my wife had two major surgeries with long recovery times, and we've lost two family members) and other priorities (we're still trying to write books out here!), I'm slowly coming back to "Minions at Work." But It's going to be a lot different than what we had here. Same action figures, same colorful photos, but used in a much different way.

First of all, I'm going to a (mostly, I may still do an occasional single panel, and rerun the ones I already have) multi-panel format with word balloons as well as captions. Second, while I'll still be building the complicated sets and dioramas for some panels and strips, I'll also be building up panels out of a library of elements I'll be building, characters in different poses, and shot from different camera angles. I'm working on that library of elements right now, and learning to use Manga Studio/Clip Studio, the new software I'm using to put this all together.

What you're seeing here are some of my early experiments. And as you can see, multi-panel means I have greater need to establish the OUTSIDE of some of my lairs, and thus I'm also doing model work, the first example being Cap'n Rehab's submarine celebrity rehab clinic, the "Naughtyless." I'm pretty proud of it.

There's still a crap-ton of work to do (including a complete overhaul of this site to a proper web-comic friendly software), but if you'd like to follow along, I recommend joining our Minions at Work Group on Facebook. Hope to see you there!
Support starving Minions in Lair-land! Your donations support Minions at Work!