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Monday, January 01, 2007

Minions #41 - Don't Look Now

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Notes from the Minion Master:

Happy New Year to all of you out in Minion-land.

A big Minion-welcome to Doctor Coldblood, the first of our Evil Overlords to make an on-screen appearance. Coldblood's evil plan is to use his artificial volcanic lair to spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thus creating a greenhouse effect that will heat the Earth back to what he considers dinosaur-friendly temperatures. Of course, his volcano is still years from completion, and Doctor Coldblood doesn't get out much. He's going to be so cheesed off when he finally reads a newspaper or turns on the Discovery Channel.

We'll be seeing more of him, and some of the other Evil Overlords, as time goes on.

-Steve, Minion Master


Anonymous said...

Great Minions as always. That Dr. Coldblood looks terrific and his German style uniform has the perfect look.

Keep up your awesome work

BrineB said...

I agree, Doctor Coldblood is a cool looking villain!!! Great humor this week!!!

Beautiful Food Gardens said...

The poses are perfect! One of the funniest ones yet.