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Monday, February 28, 2011

Minions #261 - Bad Crowd

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Greetings, Bar-flies!

Hey, if you missed it, we gave out a coupon-code last week for a FREE ebook-download from SmashWords.com.  Check last week's post for details.  The coupon is still good for another couple weeks I think.

We're running a bit late this week, as Dell computer is apparently in league with the forces of Good.  Not Good for the customers, mind you, just "Good" as in "against us."  I actually shot this cartoon last week, but it was stuck on my SD card as I discovered this weekend that the built-in card-reader on my Dell Inspiron (we won't say exactly what emotions it was intended to inspire) mysteriously stopped working for about the zillionth time.  Rebooting didn't even help this time and installing new drivers didn't help either.

This shouldn't be a problem as, though the expensive built-in reader fails on regular basis. my cheap USB card reader always works.  Except, I haven't used it in quite a while, and couldn't find it.  I finally hard to break down and buy ANOTHER cheap card reader in order to transfer my pictures.  Sigh.

Anyway, here at last is the new cartoon.

See you next time,

                                                                     - Steve
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Minions #260 - You're Looking Good!

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Greetings, Snack-sized Fans!

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Hey, did you know that this weekend was the 49th anniversary of John Glenn's historic Mercury flight which made him the first American in orbit?  As you know (if you've watched "The Right Stuff" DVD about sixty times like I have) NASA pretty much tried to treat the astronauts like Minions back in those early days.  They were brave pilots, but to some of the suits, they were just "spam in a can," something those highly trained pilot/engineers had to fight every step of the way.

So, in honor of this anniversary, and its dubious Minion connection, we're doing a couple of things to celebrate.

First, we're giving you a SmashWords.com coupon for a FREE SHORT-STORY EBOOK written by Mrs. Minion Master, Christina York, featuring an alternate-world story about John Glenn.  It's called "God Speed," and it originally was published in the DAW short-story collection "Time After Time," edited by Denise Little.  Our ebook coupon is courtesy of TsunamiRidgePublishing. Download is available in formats to read on your PC, Mac, and most ebook readers and portable devices.  You can even read it on the web.

Coupon code (to be used at checkout for a 100% discount), is FH43C  Expires March 21, 2011.
Here's the Direct Link to the story on the SmashWords site.

Also, in honor of the occasion, we're presenting encore appearances of a couple of our space-themed Minions at Work cartoons!


See you all next week!

- Minion Master Blaster, Steve

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Minions #259 - Good Knight, Sweet Prince!

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Greetings, Lonely Hearts Club!

We certainly don't want to sully this day of pure love and romance with crass commercialism.  But what the hell!  Did you know that you can now send Amazon Kindle ebooks to people, even if they don't have a Kindle (they can read on their computer, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android device)?  Did you know that Mrs. Minions Master, Christina York has a bunch of great romance novels out on Kindle?  Did you know one of those romances would be a great gift for your sweetie?  Well, now you know.  And knowing is half the battle!

- Minion Master, Steve

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Minions #258 - Out of Their Zone

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Greetings, Uninvited Guests!

I got an email the other day from an old friend of the Minions saying, more or less, "hey, Steve, did you stop doing the Minions?"

No, I haven't stopped!  I haven't even missed a cartoon (lately, anyway).  What I did miss the last couple weeks were the reminder notices sent out to our email list and Facebook friends (pretty sure I did announce all of them on Twitter).

Let that be a lesson to you.  Putting out those announcements is the LAST thing I do each week, so if I get crunched for time or energy, they can get delayed, or even (gasp!) forgotten, which is pretty much what happened the last couple weeks.  Lots of stuff going on here around the Lair that I won't go into, but it's left me distracted and a bit (in the great tradition of super-villains) a bit brooding and moody.

So stuff got missed.  Minor laws of man, the universe, physics, and common decency were violated.  SO WHAT!  THIS WILL TEACH THEM TO LAUGH AT ME!  LAUGH?  LAUGH?  I'LL SHOW THEM WHEN TO...

Oh, wait.  This is a web cartoon.  I WANT them to laugh.  Sorry.  Sometimes, I just like to go off on a good rant.

Anyway, sorry about the reminders!  I'll try to do better!  But remember, when in doubt, just drop in here every Monday and more-than-likely I'll have something new for you.

Or, you could engage your friends, associates and family-members in an evil conspiracy to increase the numbers of people on our email-reminder-list, or followers on our Facebook page, until the sheer numbers overwhelm us with guilt if we even think about skipping a week!

Well.  I'm not feeling overwhelmed here people!  Get to it!

                         - See you next week, iffin' you show up
                            Mopey Minion Master Steve

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