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Monday, January 31, 2011

Minions #257 - Uninviting

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Greetings, under-bites and over-eaters!

Just a reminder that Mrs. Minion Master (writing as Christy Evans) has a new mystery novel coming out this week.  It's the third in her detective plumber series, "Drip Dead."  It's lots of fun, and set near the lair here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  It's available in mass-market paperback and ebook where-ever books are sold, but you can do us a double solid if you just click the link at the left and order it from Amazon.  The two earlier installments in the series, "Sink Trap" and "Lead-Pipe Cinch" are also still available.  So check it out, for yourself, or as a gift for someone likes a little fun in their mysteries (or a little mystery in their fun)!

- Minion Master Steve

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Minions #256 - Where there's Smoke...

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Greetings, Core News Demographic!

Well, Doctor Coldblood continues his drunken binge this week, even though it's a little early for spring break.

Just another quick book plug.  Mrs. Minion Master, in her secret alias of "Christy Evans," has a new mystery coming out February 1st, the third in her series of crime-solving-plumber mysteries.  It's called "Drip Dead."  Check it out where ever books are sold!  Or recommend it to the nearest mystery fan immediately!  We've got bills to pay here!

Point in fact, we're being served up with some irony this week.  The lair is being invaded by heating repair guys who are going to be grubbing around our crawl-space replacing all the duct work.

Why is this ironic?  Well, my story "Gordie Culligan vs. Doctor Long Beach and the HVAC of Doom," written for the anthology "If I Were an Evil Overlord," is about a heroic heating and air-conditioning guy working in the ducts of a volcanic lair (that just happens to be located in Long Beach, California).

Got to check my paperwork.  If the rights on that story have reverted, I much just post it here as a freebie for you guys to read soon.  I'll let you know...

- Irony Master, Steve
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Minions #255 - Snakes, Why Did We Have to Be Snakes?

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Greetings, Wishing You Were Somewhere Else Peoplessh!

Hey, want some free ebooks?  Then follow me on Twitter.  Starting next week I'm going to be giving away coupons good for a free download of my new ebook "DeadRingers" (available in all major ebook formats, so you can read on your ereader, phone, pad or computer) from Smashwords.com!  Just follow and look for a give-away post.  First follower to respond is the winner!  Easy!

I plan to do this several times through the week, depending on the response, so don't give up if you don't win the first time.  I also plan to do this for future ebook releases, so stay-tuned for further chances to win!

Still want more ebooks?  Follow the tireless Robot CEO of our ebook publisher, Tsunami Ridge Publishing.  He'll be giving away books by my wife, Christina F. York (who writes romance, fantasy, and mystery) as well as myself and other authors.

Not on Twitter yet?  Just follow one of the links above for free and easy sign-up!

See you guys next week.

- Steve

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Minions #254 - The Greater of Two Evils

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Greetings, Miscommunications!!

I'll keep it brief this week.  Just allow me one little plug.  Drop on over to our favorite ebook publisher, Tsunami Ridge Publishing.  They're an innovative small publisher that happens to be, among other things, bringing out a load of fiction written by myself and Mrs. Minion Master, some of it reprints, some of it original fiction and some (like my DeadRingers mini-anthology I told you about last week) a bit of both.  You'll be seeing more of my fiction appearing there soon, including my action-figure-tribute fantasy story, "The Last Backyard Defender," which was originally published in the DAW anthology "Front Lines."  I think you folks are gonna like it.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Minions #253 - Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?

Greetings, Bar-flies!

Yeah, we're a little late this time.  I could say we're slow coming back after the holidays, and that's true, but the big thing is that I've felt like some of the shoots I've done lately were overly simple and thrown together.  I wanted something new, and something with some work put into it.

So you get -- THIS -- Fifteen figures, plus several hundred props, set pieces, and lots and lots of snakes!  I've been tinkering with it off-and-on all week.  Was the joke worth it?  Probably not, but that's not the point.

Oh, I do have something to plug this week: I've got a new science fiction mini-anthology ebook out titled "DeadRingers."  The tag line is, "The restless dead live in memories, both human and electronic. But who controls those memories, and how are the lives of the living still tangled in the echoes of the dead?"  

It contains the short story "Carved in Stone," which original appeared in Analog Science Fiction magazine, a previously unpublished companion-novelette, "The Last Ride of Johnny Four-speed," and a new essay about how reality is starting to catch up with the "DeadRingers" technology used in the stories.  All for $2.99 on Amazon Kindle, or on SmashWords.com where you can find most other ebook formats.  It's coming soon to the Nook store, iPad, Kobo and other major ebook outlets as well.  Download a free sample either place and have a look-see...

See you guys next week, maybe even on time!

- Minion Master, Steve

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