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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Minions #42 - Briefing, Plus Bonus #43!

Be sure to check the end of the post for a special bonus Minions at Work, in honor of the new season of 24. (Which is, of course, 42 backwards.)

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Bonus Minons!

(Okay, I'll confess here, that I've never actually watched 24, though it comes highly recommended. In fact, I still have the season one boxed set in shrink wrap, waiting for a seriously dead week (I've been warned not to start it unless I'm ready to finish it, soonest...)


Anonymous said...

Nice job as usual.
Is it the first time a female minion appears? Its nice to see that the family is growing.

Keep it up!

J. Steven York said...

Yup, as it turns out, that is the first appearance of a female Minion (Number 67, named after the Cylon "6" from the new Battlestar Galactica, and "7 of 9" from Star Trek Voyager.)

Some back-story here. I've been planning a female Minion for months now. It's just been a matter of getting together the outfit for her. Then, when he was proposing to shoot the "Joelanta Minions" series, Tom Brooks sent me a picture of a female Minion he'd put together.

I gave him the okay for the Joelanta shoot, but asked him not to use the female Minion, as I hoped to introduce her with a bit of a splash at some point. He agreed.

Having recently picked up some new Minions uniforms, I was finally able to put her together a month or so ago, and I've been looking to put her in ever since.

As it happens, I didn't even think of this being her first appearance, as it isn't the first panel I've shot with her. As often happens, I'll frequently shoot a series of shots using the same sets or props, and keep them in inventory, and spread them out over time.

This particular panel used our new "Sci-Fi" walls (same as the "out there" panel from last week) and so you won't see it for a week or two.

So, despite my best intentions, the female Minion just showed up with no fanfare (same as our Africian-American Minion, Number 9), and maybe that's as it should be.

Okay, maybe that was maybe more than anybody wanted to know, but there...

BrineB said...

The lunch wagon was a GREAT twist!!! The funny thing is that when I saw the smaller image, I thought the map was a giant slice of pizza ... so, I guess food was on my mind already!!!