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Monday, July 25, 2011

Minions #282 - Sometimes You Don't Get What You Need

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Greetings, Negotiating Pointy-heads!

We're safely back in our lair after our vacation in Nevada.  While we didn't manage to bring back any H-Bombs, we did get a nifty "Area 51" mug, so, cool!  Well, things to do, so we'll see you back here next week!

- Minion Mug Master Steve

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Minions #281 - Name Dropper

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Greetings, Pit Stops!

This is appropriate in that we ARE traveling this week, on vacation.  But don't worry!  The lair is safely under the care of our three attack cats and their fearless human keeper!  And don't worry, next week's cartoon is already ready to do, so there will be no interruption of your regularly scheduled evil.

So come on back next week!

            - Vacation Master, Steve
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Minons #280 - Sprung a Leak

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Greetings, Molten Larva!

Yes, we're late again this week, but the above cartoon pretty much sums up how things feel here at the lair at the moment.  No, it wasn't for lack of a cartoon, because I'm set for a couple more weeks in that department, it's just that life has gotten so insane I just didn't get around to posting the cartoon I already had ready.  Summers are already crazy, we're scheduled to go on vacation in a week, and life just keeps throwing problems at us with no obvious solution.  And now I log on to post the cartoon, and discover that Blogger has changed EVERYTHING and I've got to figure out this process all over again.


There.  Got that off my chest.  If all goes well (and at this point, I'm not counting on it) I'll be posting next week from lovely Las Vegas.  If not -- oh, there will be hell to pay!

Oh, and it's time for your weekly ebook plug.  Mrs. Minion Master, Christina F. York (when she's not using one of her many aliases), has a new fantasy short-story ebook out, and it's a whole 99 cents.

The link to get it on Amazon Kindle is below.  You can also buy it on Smashwords in all major ebook formats, and it's coming soon to Nook, Sony, Kobo, Apple and all your other major ebook outlets.

Here's the blurb:
Some people think all cheerleaders are witches, which isn't really true. Except at Salem Township Public High School #4 - known to the student body as Witch High.

Regionals are coming, and Cassie wants to win. But not enough to cheat. Magic is strictly forbidden in competition, and by the coach. Still, a little magic seems to be creeping into their routines, and Cassie is worried. She prides herself on using her powers for good, and cheating isn't right.

If she can't find the hidden source of the magic before their next competition, they could be disqualified. 

Or worse, in Cassie's mind, they could not be disqualified. 

Then even if they win, they lose! 

I won't be back here next week, but hopefully you will!

                                                       - Chaos-master, Steve

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Minions #279 - To a Small Degree

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Greetings, Liberal Artists!

Well, I've got yet another new ebook to hawk to you today!  It's called "Walking the Virtch," and it's a science-fiction mini-collection.  The title story, "Walking the Virtch," was originally published in Analog Science Fiction magazine, where it was a reader's choice nominee.  Also in this volume, is a previously-unpublished, novella-length sequel to the first story, titled "God-mode, With Rockets."  Here's the blurb:

From National Best-selling author J. Steven York -


In a stagnated and decadent future, the Virtch is all they have left. The Virtch is a world computer network, shared virtual-reality, and life itself. Life outside it, the Real, is only a colorless shadow by comparison. But humanity has lost itself in these virtual places, and nobody remembers how the system works. Even the Sysgods dare not touch the core-code, lest their virtual worlds collapse.

In virtual spaces where everyone flies, one man, Jodd finds the courage to bring himself down to earth, to walk beneath virtual skies, find lost secrets of the heart, and regain his lost humanity.

But if there can still be true-love in the Virtch, what about true-friendship? Jodd holds the keys to the lost secrets of the Virtch. To use them, he and his new love must reunite with three childhood friends. But one of those friends hides a terrible secret. And another wants only revenge; to destroy his old-friends and the Virtch itself!

The power to become Virtual Gods is within their grasp, to remake the Virtch, or to destroy it. 

But only if they can avoid killing each other first!

Use the link above to check it out on Amazon's Kindle.  Or, if you don't roll that way, it's also on Nook, and on other ebook formats via Smashwords.  Coming soon to other major ebook vendors such as Apple and Kobo as well!

Hope you'll check it out.  It's only $2.99.  (And remember, you can get a free sample in pretty much any of the above places!)

See you next week,

                             - eBook Minion Master, Steve

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