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Monday, June 01, 2009

Minions #168/169 - Overlord Double Feature

Stand by, following the usual Master Plan of Evil for a stern rebuke from your Minion Master!

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Greetings, Overlord Compartments!

First, a quick announcement: I've got a new anthology story out this week in the great new fantasy anthology Swordplay! Click the link to check it on Amazon, or look for it in our sidebar to the right. Once again, in an anthology of magic sword stories, I suspect mine is about as atypical as you could imagine. But not all heroes wear armor, and not all damsels need rescuing in exactly the same way. I'm pleased with it.

Moving on, once again, I'm waiting till the workday starts to announce this posting. We'll see how that goes.

Slipping in some more Overlords at Work this week, and a double-feature as well, just to keep you on your toes. I feel like I'm starting to get a handle on Doctor Coldbood as a character now, and that's always a dangerous thing. I'm starting to appreciate his lecherous side, and it's fun. It makes him one conflicted lizard. Could be you'll be seeing him take a more active role in some of the regular cartoons down the road.

Been busy this week building a Moon-rocket. A Saturn V, to be specific. No, this isn't for Minions at Work, though it's plenty big enough. It's a party decoration (long story) and it will be about 8 feet tall when finished.

I've also been trying myself into (or out of) signing up for Twitter. I'm skeptical, but I'm told it might be a good way to draw traffic here to the site. What do you guys think? It's just hard for me to get behind an evil plan that involves "tweeting." But it could work...

See you next week.

- Your Overlord of Overlords, Steve


Sean Prescott said...

I am offended! How could you turn this nice family oriented comic into a cesspool of filth by saying that word? It not only undermines the morality of todays youth but promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. In the future please do not use the word LOBBYIST. Really the nerve of some people...


Jay Lee said...

Tweeting may not sound like a very evil term but when you take into account the lost productivity, twitter's downtime, and how insidious tweeting can be, it becomes EVIL

Maynard said...

LOL! EVERYBODY is getting a bail-out!

Buzz Mooney said...

Both are briliant! I especially like the Overlord in the Jar!