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Monday, June 29, 2009

Minions #175 - Just when you think you have it figured out...

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Greetings, Twits and Tweets!

Sorry we're late this week. Thanks to the Evil Minions at Charter Communications, my access to Google and Blogger has been down since yesterday and just came back. If you'd been following me on Twitter, you'd know that.

Trying to get a little ahead on my Minions inventory this week, and put several carefully planned cartoons in the can, so to speak. But this is my favorite, and it's just an accident. For a long time I've thought it would be nice to be able to do some kind of corridor set, and this was my first quick and dirty attempt. I just started setting figures up in hopes I'd come up with captions for later (and possibly I will, I shot lots of random "walk and talk"), but this just started coming together in my head as I did it.

You know, after looking at this for the 43rd time, I see that I have misspelled "Penguin" in the caption. Well, until I get around to fixing it, just assume it's another aspect of Doctor Coldblood's colorful speech patterns.

This is the first appearance of the "bionic" penguin. See, I (shudder) cut the Penguin's head off a couple weeks ago and installed a joint so he can turn his head. Yes, the Penguin actually now has ONE point of articulation. Some day I'll figure out how to make a flipper move, and the world will end.

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As I said, it's like stealing, only legal, and how can you not like that?

- Your Pledge Drive Master, Steve


Umatter2Charter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Umatter2Charter said...

Hello Steven,

I am very sorry to hear that your Google and Blogger were down recently. In the future, feel free to contact us on Twitter, and we will take care of you.

I just noticed that @Umatter2Chtr2 reached out to you yesterday about a speed issue. If that is still a problem, please let us know, and we will get you fixed.

Enjoyed the Minions, by the way.

Have a great week...Eric

J. Steven York said...

Thanks, Eric. Was a little spooked about the idea of giving out even basic information to unknowns over Twitter, but seems like you Charter guys on Twitter are for real.

Our situation was finally resolved late yesterday afternoon. Apparently it was some area-wide technical glitch (the person at the local office said something about "low signal strength"). I was rather frustrated that both the support people I chatted with and talked to on the phone both ran me through a bunch of "fix the problem on your end" proceedures like clearing the broswer cache (even though it was doing it on multiple machines and multiple browsers) and resetting the modem and router (which is the first thing I try when I have a problem), and never checked to see if there was a area-wide outage. The local office was more informative, if not much more helpful. We were out for about 18 hours. (Apparently Charter phone was out too, so naturally the phone tech tried to sell me a Charter phone package upgrade!)

We're fine now though, and (no offense!) dealing with corporate minions is only fodder for more "Minions at Work" cartoons. Have a good day!

- Steve