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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Minions #171 - Heavy Labor

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Greetings, Bad Robots!

Yes, the machines are doing all the work this week. My Happy Robot Butler is posting this, as I'm currently in Las Vegas for the weekend! Actually, I should be home Sunday night, but by then, the robot should have a lot more brains than I do.

Anyway, that means this is your chance to post lots of rude/clever comments that I won't get around to seeing until Monday. Have at it!

Minions Need a New Pair of Shoes

Actually, they've got plenty of shoes. Boots is more like it. But they could use a new camera.

It's by no means urgent, but the trusty Canon Powershot A530 I've been using to shoot the cartoon for the past few years is getting a little long in the tooth. It's still working more or less fine, but every once in a while the "eyelid" shutter that protects the lens when it's turned off sticks, and I know that one of these days something is going to break on it in a way that isn't worth fixing.

For some time I've had my eye on the Canon Powershot SX101S:

Actually, I've had my eye on the two previous similar models. Yes, I've been wanting this for that long.

The improved resolution, image stabilization, and expanded zoom range would really help me take advantage of our new, larger "stage," and it has a great movie mode for doing our occasional Minion web-videos.

Trouble is, I just can't justify the expense right now. I don't know if you folks realize, but I put quite a bit of money into Minions at Work already; building and buying props, buying lighting equipment, buying new action figures, etc. Some of this is stuff I might have added to my collection anyway (and a lot of things come out of my existing collection) but a lot of it is stuff that exists for Minions, and nothing else. And heck, I've literally got to keep the lights on here, and devote a huge lot of my work-space to storing all the props and sets I'm not using.

So I limp along, hoping nothing critical goes wrong with the camera that forces me to replace it with something not worthy of the task.

So, I'm starting a little fund-drive here. You see the price up there. I'm not seriously expecting the Minion-verse will come up with the whole ticket (though it would be nice), and I'm hoping that with careful shopping, I can pick it up closer to $300 than $350. But it would be nice, if you enjoy Minions at Work, that you chip in a little in whatever way you can.

Multiple ways you can do that. The most direct is just to click on one of our donation buttons and send a little cash our way. Doesn't have to be much. Skip one of those stupid, over-priced coffees and send it to the forces of evil.

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Or you can buy something from our Lair of Merchandise or House of Naughty stores, a shirt, a button, a lovely thong. Again, I've done my best to keep these items priced low, so we don't make a lot off most of them, but every little bit helps.

Failing that, you can help us build traffic on the site, so that OTHER people will do the clicking and buying for you. As Dennis Leary says on this Hulu ads, post our link on your "bliggidy-blogs, and your facey-spaces, and your tweetie-pages." Help make us the kinds of social media by linking the latest (or your favorite) cartoons to your friends and buddies. Share us with your friends and family.

Heck, even if they don't make us any money, we just like to have them here. They'll never know unless you tell them.

And hey, one other very indirect way you can support us. Buy our danged books, starting with my story in the new DAW anthology "Swordplay," and in these other fine anthologies, still available...

And if you order them through Amazon, we get a cut AND potential royalties down the road.

Boy, it's amazing how much of a whining mooch I can be when I'm not even here! Dang, I am evil!

- Your Pledge Drive Master, Steve

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