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Monday, May 25, 2009

Minions #167 - Drawing a Blank


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Greetings, Interchangeable Duplicates!

Here we are again, a little late this week because of the holidays, and a theory I have. I get the impression that many people are visiting Minions at Work from (surprise!) work. When I post (or at least announce) the new cartoon before the work week starts, it seems like I get less feedback.

My theory is, it the announcement doesn't come in while you're at work (and wishing you weren't) it gets lost in your backlog, and you just don't notice. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

I'm working to get "Minions at Work" noticed. In the beginning, I didn't promote much on the theory that, this being just a weekly, single-panel cartoon, it wouldn't make sense to promote until I had something of a backlog of new material for new visitors to look at.

Well, that snuck up on me at some point. I guess 167 (and a few more) cartoons does constitute a "backlog." So we're on Facebook now (if you're there, please join our "Minions At Work" group and suggest it to your friends). I hate the idea of Twitter, but I may have to give it a try at some point.

I'm also looking for other ways to build our audience. One idea I've had is looking for a more popular partner site, maybe a sci-fi news or movie site, and offer to provide them a "Best of Minions at Work" cartoon each week from our inventory in exchange for a link back here. I've got a few ideas, but I haven't approached anybody yet. If you've got any ideas, suggestions, connections, or run a site yourself, let me know.

See you next week.

- Your Collated and Stapled Minion Master, Steve


Karen L. said...

You should be on or have a link on the Sci-Fi website. You write StarTrek books, they are promoting the new movie and still showing episodes from the various series. Maybe you could exchange link buttons? Do big sites do that? They should. Thumbs up on the new cartoon. I really love that you are on Facebook now. With Facebook, who needs Twitter?

cideon said...

Great comic today. I am extra-amused because the clone's facemold is one of my favorites; I have three characters who in fact use it, heh. Caleb/Marcus who are brothers, and Caleb's oldest son, Cyrus. That's probably way TMI, but I just thought it was nifty :D

Ayesongs said...

Hey, there isn't a problem with the Toner. I am that colour, really.

Mark Toner (Yes, really)


Ayesongs said...

More seriously, Steve, I think your idea of providing cartoons for links is the way to go. We'd love some (www.arbelos.eu) although I think you'd actually bring us more traffic rather than the other way around. Then there's my www.spacepod.info site which, again, would probably be the beneficiary of your traffic.

What about SF Convention sites? We're performing at conventions as a way of spreading our SF music around. Maybe a similar approach would help the minions?


Maynard said...

Excellent! I like it a lot!