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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Minions #165 - No Relation


Stand by, following the usual garage sales for a scheduled lube-job from your Minion Master!

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Greetings, Strap Hangers!

Okay, I'm late again. The studio is much more in order, but I haven't had time to make much more use of our new studio facility, so it's back to the inventory this week. (For a full run-down on the upgrades here at Minions Studios, with pictures, see this post.)

Also, notice to your right that I've added a PayPal "Donate" button. So if you want to support "Minions at Work" and keep them coming, you can now directly throw a little (or a lot, I suggest a lot, if you want a suggestion) coin our way. I mean, why waste it on NPR or curing Puppy Cancer when you can waste it on us. We're a whole lot less whiny about it, and we won't send you a danged water-bottle that brands you as a bleeding-heart liberal and weak, defenseless target for the likes of -- well -- us. We're evil, darn it!

So if you'd like to bypass that whole "Shop on Amazon buy our tee-shirts" middle-man thing and just give us money, go for it. We appreciate it. Also, we know where you live.

Getting to this week's cartoon. Hey, is it wrong that when the words "If they can put a man on the moon..." emerge from the lips of anyone in my presence, I have the insane and irresistible urge to slap them silly? You bet it's wrong! This is the lair, and we're evil, darn it!

But really, it's justified evil. I mean, we can't go to the moon. Haven't been able to for over 35 years now. Hopefully, that will change soon (I hope so, as otherwise how can we hijack NASA's moon rockets to build our Evil Space Lair?)

But also, the things they're talking about are pretty much never related. It's like saying, "just because I can transplant the head of a man onto the body of an ape, why can't I make everyone get along?" I mean, obviously, anybody can transplant the head of a -- blah -- blah -- blah, because it's just science! A little mad, yeah, but just science. But making everybody get along, that's hard, because, well, at least three quarters of them are annoying morons who say things like, "if we can put a man on the moon..." and then I just gonna have clock their asses! End of world peace.

Speaking of "lets all just be friends, remember that I just set up a new "Minions at Work" group on Facebook! If you're on Facebook, be sure to join up and invite all your friends too! I'll be posting notices of new cartoons there, and there's a discussion area where you can talk among yourselves for a change. If we get enough suckers -- uh -- people there, I might even start some contests and stuff.

Just search for "Minions at Work," given that the group is called (amazingly enough) "Minions at Work."

- Your Master of Slapping People Silly, Steve

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