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Monday, December 08, 2008

Minions #139 - Hunger Strike


Stand by, following the usually commercial jibber-jabber for a heart-shot from your Minion Master!

Man, am I getting morbid lately, or what? Actually, I was more going for silly. Laughing at the reaper, that's me.

Actually, this is one of those cases where I put the set together first, and came up with the joke later. Actually, it isn't much different that a lot of sets you've seen lately, except for one important thing: the door.

Oh, sure, you've seen this set before. But I've been on a binge of building some new modular set pieces, and I decided to make a wall module with a doorway cut into it.

See, you've seen the door lots of times, but you've never seen it open, and you've never seen anything behind it, for an important reason. In the past, it's always just been stuck up against a blank wall, with some black foam behind the window to make it look dark back there. Actually, once or twice, you've seen a hand reaching out from between the bars, but in those cases, that's all there was. A hand.


So this time, there was actually a space behind the door to put an actual prisoner. I kind of like how you can just see his eyes lit behind the bars.

And, oh yeah, I just built that silver ventilator unit in the foreground. Stuck that in there too.

Like you care. I slave away, building new stuff for the Lair, and do I get a "thank-you," maybe some flowers, or a box of candy. No.

For that, I will destroy your puny world!

But not for a while. It's where I keep my stuff.

(Apologies to the Tick)

See you next time...if you're lucky!

- Your Minion Target-master, Steve


Anonymous said...

AWESOME looking set! And quite fancy digs, I must say. 5 star prisoner accomodations!

Anonymous said...

Gret props. Reminds me I msut get to building some for myself or rather, for my action figures.