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Monday, December 15, 2008

Overlords #140 - Bar Joke


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Greetings, Minion Bar-flies!

This week, in honor of -- I dunno, a round number maybe -- I decided to bring the Overlords back, though in a completely different way. In fact, pretty much everything is different this week. Minions at Work sets tend to be bright and monotone. This one is dark and colorful. And of course, no Minions in sight.

Frankly, I just love bar sets, though I must confess that your Minion Master doesn't spend much time in the real thing. I rarely pollute my magnificent brain with alcohol, and never have. Not a big moral choice or anything. It's just the way I am.

But as I get older, I find I enjoy going with friends to a bar just to watch people. Same with going to Las Vegas, something I never figured I'd enjoy. Going to Las Vegas is like going to the giant mother-of-all-bars, one with no walls, one that never closes.

People do things in those surroundings that they'd never do in their real life. And while you might think it's the alcohol or the lack or restrictions, I think it's something different entirely. It's just that, in this one situation, they have an excuse to let a little of their real self show through.

Which is why it's fun to put the Minions, or the Overlords, in that situation. You find out who they really are behind the facade.

It amuses me that Doctor Coldblood and Doctor Head-in-a-jar go to bars together, even though they apparently don't like each other. I think it's just because nobody else wants to party with them. The unpopular people have to stick together. They don't get to pick and choose. The decision's been made for them.

But do these two really dislike each other as much as they let on? I've got to wonder. Maybe we'll learn more in future cartoons.

Save me a place at the bar. Seen you next time.

- Your Minion Mixologist, Steve


Ayesongs said...

Ah-- we now know a little more about the mysterious woman in red. She moves in powerful circles. Has she been spying on the off-duty minions in the bar all these years?

So, what does Dr Head-in-a-jar want for Christmas this year? Maybe he'd like to be welded onto an Asimo robot, or better still an assault tank?

Anonymous said...

Hot Babe in red leather said "Why Dr. Head-in-a-Jar, is that a cranial support structure...or are you just happy to see me?"