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Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Housekeeping and a Heroes List!

Another housekeeping post. Blogger has been making some improvements that allowed me to cut some clutter out of the Mighty Sidebar. Same content, just now you can click on pictures and banners as links, rather than my having to put a separate text link below them.

I've been neglecting the sidebar lately. Haven't had a new rock-band name in a while, and the Incomplete Evil Overlord list had been getting stale. Still no new band names. I'll get on that. But lots of new entries in the Evil Overlord list.

And speaking of lists, I discovered the other day that someone has done a Heroes List to be a companion to the infamous Overlord list. You can click to them from here, but I've put permanent links in the sidebar as well.

Oh, also in the sidebar is a new book cover, the cover for "Swordplay," a fantasy anthology that will be out in June. It features 17 new stories about swords, including yet another new short story by your humble host, me.

I'm hoping to get things set up soon so that we'll be part of the Amazon affiliate program, so's you can help support Minion at Work by buying our books (and your other Amazon purchases) using our links. I'll let you know how that works out.

Okay, that's about it. Chris and I are going to Florida next month to speak at the Space Coast Writer's Conference, so I'm busy building up an inventory of cartoons to use while we're busy traveling. There shouldn't be any interruptions in your Minions schedule. But it's tricky. I'm shooting a whole series of cartoons on a bar set, but I have to finish and tear that set down before I can set up and shoot the cartoon that should appear Monday.

Logistics. It's all part of the Evil Plan.

- Steve, Your Minion Master