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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Minions #138 - Terminated Employment


Stand by, following the usually commercial jibber-jabber for a generous severance package from your Minion Master!

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Greetings, Minion Mourners!

You know, when I came up with this week's cartoon, it was before last week's unfortunate "Black Friday" trampling death of a temporary Wal-Mart employee by a mob of bargain-hunting yahoos. Because, you know, that would have been in even worse taste than usual.

But it does serve as a reminder that those who work in retail, especially at this time of year, are our Minion brothers and sisters. They too toil thanklessly for their Evil Overlord Masters. Working long hours for low pay and little or no benefits is bad enough. Nobody should lose their life over it.

So a moment of Minion silence for our fallen fellow, and our sympathy to his family.

And for the millions of other Retail Minions out there, a salute to you too.

For those of your reading, I hope each of you will think of this, and cut them a little extra slack through this holiday season. A smile or a kind word might go a long way towards making their day suck just a little less.

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

I had an email from a reader Phil M. the other day, asking where we get all the cool props that we use in our Minions at Work photo shoots. I thought the answer might interest other readers as well. But on the other hand, that's not everyone's cup of poison tea, so rather than answering here, I put an illustrated post on my hobby-blog, One-Sixth. You can find the post here.

That's it till next time.

- Your Minion Undertaker, Steve.

1 comment:

Ayesongs said...

Hi, Steve.

Nice tombstone collection.

On the retail minions solidarity point, I used to work behind a cash register in a bookies and got a lot of stick from the customers. So I know how hard that job is and how evil the overlords can be. So I always try to bring a little conversation from the great outside world while I shop. The poor souls behind the register are usually very happy to hear if it's stopped raining outside, or a sympathetic comment like "it's very busy but at least that's good when we're facing the credit crunch."

Maybe it's just the blarney gene from my Dad's family (Yep, 50% Scottish and 50% Irish) but I find this all just the natural way to treat people.

Let's hope the message gets through to the great Christmas shopping masses.



BTW There's some great Christmas music for free over at www.arbelos.eu