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Monday, July 23, 2007

Minions #73 - The Safety Is On

(08/01/07 - Uploaded the missing cartoon. Enjoy!)

(This has since been obviously fixed... - Steve) Okay, this is Steve from the road. I have royally screwed up. Somehow in prepping this message, I managed to do everything EXCEPT upload the actual picture. Since I wasn't smart enough to bring a disk of the current stuff with me, this week's Minions cartoon will be delayed. What I'm going to do is release NEXT week's cartoon instead. I'll upload this week's toon next week instead. Okay, it was Comicon. Something had to go wrong...

Click on cartoon for full-sized version.

Stay tuned for an important (okay, not so much) message from your Minion Master, following the usual crass commercialism.

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Just a shot-in-the-dark from the Minion Master:

Greetings, Moving Targets!

"Minions Under the Sea" month continues. Okay, this one just happens to happen under the sea, but you need weapons for the inevitable beach-assault on the forces of Good. Actually, this panel came to mind after watching "Live Free or Die Hard," a movie in which the bag-guys could shoot Bruce Willis' jock strap off him with six million assault rifle rounds (okay, I put that picture in your head, but I'm evil dang it!)and he'd get no more than a photogenic flesh-wound that bothers him less than most people are by a mosquito bite.

Around here, we call this the "Cylon School of Marksmanship," which refers to the original 70s TV show, not Ron Moore's "reimagining." In those shows, there was always this scene where our heroes (Apollo, Starbuck, or both, back before they were -- to our knowledge -- swapping bodily fluids) would encounter a bunch of Cylon centurions in a hallway or corridor or cave. So the Cylons would shoot about fifteen rounds and hit all around our heroes, who would just stand there. And after the Cylons missed, our hero would squeeze off one laser bolt and hit the Cylon cleanly in the middle of the chest for a kill. Every time!

So we figure that at the Cylon School of Marksmanship, they have a firing range where they take points off if you hit the target! Yes, with Cylons, a "prefect pattern" means a circle...

We'll be back at the lair soon. Later...


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BrineB said...

Cool!!! I didn't realize that penguins have no holidays ,... how sad!!!