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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Minions #71 - It's Only a Flesh Wound

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Stay tuned for an important (okay, not so much) message from your Minion Master, following the usual crass commercialism.

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"Where 'service' is our middle name according to our false-ID."



(Oh, come on. You know you want to be naughty!)

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*Actually, we're just going to send the Penguin in a red-white-and-blue tie. We don't have the heart to tell him, that as a citizen of Antarctica, he isn't eligible to run. (Do you? Man, you ARE evil!)

Just a little Trickle-down from the Minion Master:

Greetings, Wet-footed Ones!

"Minions Under the Sea" month continues. Okay, I confess, I love this one. Funniest one ever!

You'll probably hate it. Isn't that the way it works? Post a comment and let me know.

I try, whenever I can, to avoid heavy photo-manipulation effects in Minions at Work, but sometimes when you have giant locations, or huge props, or fire, or lasers, or explosions, or (as in this case) running water, there's just no choice. But if I have to resort to it, I like it to look good, and I think this looks good.

Remember in about a week we're off to California and the San Diego Comicon through the last part of the month. Don't worry, your Minions entertainment is all lined up and waiting. But the schedule might be a little disrupted, especially on the reminder list. So check yourself in here every Monday, and if you don't see a new toon, check back again in a day or two and it should be there.



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Hilarious! Great stuff!

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Gorgeous and very funny. Loved it.