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Monday, October 18, 2010

Minions #244 - White Out

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Stand by, following the usual double-sided copy for a low-toner message from your Minion Master!

Your interminable wait is important to us. To serve you better, a supervisor may feed the representative assigned to serve you to the crab parasites just before they can answer your call. It's just one more way of saying, "we care, just not about you."

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Greetings, Peel and Stick Labels!

Yes, this week's cartoon is kinda silly.  Silly always makes me nervous, because you never know if silly will be the funniest cartoon ever, or land with a thud, or just unintentionally piss people off.  But sometimes you've got to chance it.

Busy week this week, with with getting our HardBodies shared-world military science-fiction project going.  But our teams are lined up, ideas are beginning to perk for the next three novels in the series.  I think this thing is just going to be more fun than anyone can stand.  We're going to have giant fighting robots, fast-moving vehicles, aliens, dinosaurs, submarines, sea-monsters, action, suspense, mystery, romance, intrigue, thrills and laughs.  Our goal is to make this series like Christmas morning for our fellow nerds, and I think we're on course to do just that!

The first ebooks won't start showing up until next year, but you can still bookmark our website and follow along as things develop.

See you guys next week.

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