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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Minions #243 - Christmas Comes Early & Angry

Stand by, following the usual investment opportunity for a retirement fund from your Minion Master!

Your interminable wait is important to us. To serve you better, a supervisor may feed the representative assigned to serve you to the Rabid Radioactive Day-traders just before they can answer your call. It's just one more way of saying, "we care, just not about you."

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Greetings, Short-sells!

Hey, I just got a new Droid X phone, which in no way has anything to do with why this week's cartoon is going out a few hours late.  Okay, it does, but it's only one of a long list of distractions around here, which I won't bore you with.

And yes, if you're wondering, one of them (well down the list, I'll admit) is getting ComicPress figured out and configured so we can more the site to something more sophisticated and easy to navigate.  It's going slow, but it's going.  I'd rather get it done right than get it done soon, so be patient.

Does today's cartoon seem a bit out of season to you?  Well, I wondered about that, but it's clearly about Santa Claus in a bar BEFORE Christmas, so it could easily be several months before.  I've always wondered what Santa does in the off season, given that he's basically a super-villain anyway.  I mean, he has a hidden arctic lair, hoards of obedient minions who toil endlessly for him, super-powers, maintains surveillance of millions of people (well, kids) and as I've said before, he annually practices home-invasion on an epic and international scale.

Franky, I'm in awe of the guy.  What do you say?  Should we see more of Santa's evil?

See you guys next week!

                                                            - Pre-Holiday Minion Master Steve

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yea! More Santa stuff!
I've always wondered about that guy too!