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Monday, August 23, 2010

Minions #236 - I'm Not Trained for This...

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Stand by, following the usual double-teaming for an animal-attack from your Minion Master!

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Greetings, Double-threat-half-wits!

I've been editing video this weekend.  The bad news, it has absolutely nothing at all to do with Minions at Work!  Ha!

In fact, I've been too busy on other projects to do anything major with the Minions at all, save shooting today's cartoon.  But I have been scheming a bit.  I'm thinking about putting together some Minions cartoon collections in ebook form and releasing them through the Amazon Kindle Store (and possibly other ebook platforms as well).  While the Kindle device itself is black-and-white and not very good with images, there are lots of color platforms running Kindle apps now (iPad, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc.) which might make it worthwhile.

Right now, I'm figuring each book would consist of about 25 selected old cartoons, some new material, and a bunch of new supporting text.  Price to be determined, but it would be $2.99 or less.  Yes, most of this would be material already available for free on the web, but that would hardly be unprecedented in the blog/web-comic-to-book world.  Lots of people have done it, done it quite successfully, even when they're careful to point out that most of the content is free on the web.  Some people just prefer getting things in ebook form, and don't mind paying a little to get it that way.

Of course, it would be another way for you guys to possibly support our evil enterprises at the lair and conveniently show "Minions at Work" to your friends.  But I'm also thinking we might reach a new audience who aren't the web-comic type.

Anyway, as always, your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are valued and ignored (or, if we like them, stolen), so enter a comment if you have any thoughts.

                                                                                           - Minion Master Steve

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Russ said...

"Mars needs tuna?"

Martians are cats, right? I knew it!

All hail, Tinkle!