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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Minions #235 - Because SOMEONE had to do it!

Click to enlarge.  Or breed more tribbles.  We forget which.

Stand by, following the usual overpopulated commercial spiel for a cold, Klingon coffee from your Minion Master!

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Greetings, Invasive Species!

Yes, the post is running a few hours late this week.  We had some unreliable power problems here at the lair this afternoon.  As usual, I blame the forces of Good!  I mean, this has been happening for the last month on an irregular basis!  You can't convince me there isn't some sort of conspiracy involved.  This whole line the power company is giving us about "the fog" causing "salt-buildup" on the wires in "a way we've never seen before."  I'm supposed to believe this?  It's either a bad SyFy channel movie, or meddling by the forces of Good.  I choose the latter.

But I'll keep it short!  See you all next week.

                                             - Super-unpowered Steve
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