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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Minions #221 - In Hot Water

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Stand by, following the usual slow-boil for a deep-frying by your Minion Master! Your interminable wait is important to us.

To serve you better, a supervisor may feed the representative assigned to serve you to the flaming mutant crayfish just before they can answer your call. It's just one more way of saying, "we care, just not about you."

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Greetings, Left-overs!

Yea, I know.  Went to all that trouble to get Doctor Head-in-a-jar a new ride, and here I am ditching it after one cartoon.  Well, trust me, it will be back.  It's just, sometimes you come up with a joke, and you've got to run with it.

Hey, speaking of Doctor Head-in-a-Jar, I just opened a new Cafe Press store with the Doc's own line of tasteless merchandise.  So drop on over to "Doctor Head-in-a-Jar's Nogginarium" for a full line of Doctor Head-in-a-Jar shirts, mugs, and other items.  Find it at:

Got to say, loving the new camera.  I knew wrestling with the tripod was slowing me down, but I really didn't realize how much flexibility it was costing me.  I can really get down inside the miniature sets now and play with foreground and background a lot more.  Of course, I'm going to have to learn to shoot all over again to take advantage of that, but that's just part of the fun.  Don't want things to get boring!

By the way, a new feature here is that now and again I'm going to share things I'm reading or DVDs I've viewed that I think you guys might enjoy.  Right now I'm reading "Holmes on the Range, " first of an ongoing mystery series by Steve Hockensmith.  Actually, it's a hybrid of mystery and western.  The premise is that a couple of cow-hands, brothers, stumble on the stories of Sherlock Holmes as they're being published in various magazines in the U.S.  The younger, literate brother, Big Red, reads them to his illiterate older brother Big Red, and it's Big Red who becomes obsessed with Holmes and the idea of becoming a detective himself.

As the book opens, the brothers have found a man crushed to a pulp by a cattle stampede, Big Red thinks there's foul-play, and the "game is afoot," or more accurately, "ahoof."  It's full of colorful, funny characters, and a completely unromanticized look at the old west full of more than you've ever wanted to know about cow-pies, screw-fly maggots, bad eats, outhouses, and other aspects of western life.  Hockensmith uses all these things both to comic effect, and as useful devices to serve his mystery (at one point the classic "locked room mystery" is replaced by a "locked outhouse mystery") plot.

If you like mystery, western, Sherlock Holmes, or just a fun funny read, I think you'll like this one.  (To be honest, I'm only about 3/4 of the way though, but I don't see it wandering off the trail this late in the round-up, and everyone I've talked to who has read this and other novels/stories in the series raves about them.  Give it a try!

- Your Minion Master, Steve

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