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Monday, April 07, 2008

Minions #104 - Color Correction


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Greetings, Sub-Mariners!

"Black." "White." Pretty funny words to hang a value judgment on, but that's the way language worlds.

I understand. I'm left handed, and that has some strange associations of its own. For instance, guess what the word "sinister" means?

Ah, well, we're evil here. We admit it, so we'll fess to the "sinister" thing. So I guess I don't know what it's like. It's better to be feared than disrespected.

Still, many, many years ago, when I was working on retail, there was this regular customer that I thought I had a good relationship with. We were friendly, always had a laugh when he came in, and he bought a lot of stuff from me. But one day I happened to hand-write an order in front of him. He looked at me writing and said, just like he was commenting on the weather, "I could never hire somebody like you."

And he meant it. Writing left-handed was just wrong as far as he was concerned. Nothing personal, but you're an inferior being I just can't stand to be around.

Human beings are wired to divide the world up into "Us" and "Them," and pretty much try to drive "Them" out of our patch of monkey-jungle. Or kill them, or just enslave them and put them to work.

But we've evolved at least a little since our monkey days. We get to choose who we include in "Us" and who is "Them." And I happen to be of the opinion, the bigger your "Us," the better the world will be. And if you have to put anybody at all in the "them" category, I hope you have a way better reason than "left or right, black or white."

WAY better.

A rare serious moment from your Minion Master. We now rejoin Evil, already in progress.

- Steve

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