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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Minons #106 - Video Special "Letter Rip!"


Your visit is important to us. Please hand your wallet to the nearest Minion and stare mindlessly at the screen for a message from your Minon Master, following the usual commercial interruptions.

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Greetings, Ill-letterates!

Well, I warned you there would be more video, and it's come sooner than I expected. But I've climbed a bunch of the learning curve, and while "Minions Tonight" literally took me weeks and weeks, I was pretty much able to this one (which was admittedly a lot simpler) in a single day, and any follow-on "letters" episodes should go even quicker, since I've done a lot of the ground-work.

So how's about helping by sending your questions, letters and requests to "Minions Mail" care of yours truly. We'll make fun of -- uh -- answer the best ones in future installments.

See you next time.

Your Minion-master,


Carla said...

That was funny!
I like the favorite lair part.
"Doctor Hold'em" Ok, that's one of the better ones.
Are you gonna do a Dr. Hold'em figure?
I can see him in the gamblers vest and string tie.

J. Steven York said...

Actually, there already IS a "Doctor Hold'em" figure. I'd intended to do an initial cartoon featuring him using more-or-less the same punch line, except with the Minions sitting at a blackjack table playing with the Doctor. But I didn't get around to shooting it, and I found an easier way to use the joke. No doubt he'll turn up at some point, but now I'll have to think up some new jokes for him.