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Monday, March 31, 2008

Minions #103 - Listing to Starboard


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Greetings, Multiple Listings!

Our motto at Minions Studios is "keep it real." Okay, mostly what we keep is surreal, but I don't often resort to photo-editing on our cartoons. It isn't because I can't, but I try to keep things within the context of the world I can create for you on a bench-top most of the time.

But there are occasions, especially when it comes to presenting the massive Lairs of our evil overlords and their infernal devices, that nothing I can build here is going to do. This is one of those times.

Strangely, as much as I fight doing this, I'm usually pretty pleased with the results (like this one here) when I do. I'm pretty pleased with this week's too. I don't know how funny it is, but it's pretty!

By the way, did you look closely at the sign in the cartoon? If not, go check it out. I'll wait...

Okay, you're back. According to the description there, the volcano lair is one of the biggest buildings in the world, with about twice the square footage of that shrimpy-old-Pentagon. There is, however, a shopping mall in China with about the same square footage of retail space (most of it standing empty, according to sources on the net).

In any case, it's curious that somebody from the Guinness Book of World Records hasn't come to call. Hmmm, perhaps Coldblood Bilker is telling a little fib about the square footage? Could be. They're evil baby!

See you next week!



Anonymous said...

LOL! My oldest is house shopping now, I'll have to ask if they've toured this property!

BrineB said...

LOL!!! That volcano gives new meaning to "The Mortgage Melt-down"!!!