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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Minions 99.7 - Long Lunch

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Greetings, Suspended Animations!

Okay, this still isn't #100. I blame it on the writer's strike. Wait? What's this you tell me? The writer's strike is over? Uh, okay... Look! Over there! A WOMBAT!

Okay, not buying that either. Well, though this has been a bad week, I did get another big chunk of the audio recorded. I Have one more segment to do, then I can edit the final audio track and start the final video edit.

Uh. Have I said too much already? Never was that good with secrets. Like all evil overlords, your Minion Master is prone to blurt out his plans well before they're completed. Just living down the the stereotype.

As I mentioned earlier, we spent the word in Pasco, Washington at the Radcon science fiction and gaming convention. This is, I think, our third year attending, and I had a lot of fun. As usual, we got to hang out with lots of friends and to meet cool new folks, and our "Evil is Just my Day Job" buttons proved quite popular. I was on an "Evil Overlord" panel that was lots of fun.

Anyway, I was inspired, after we returned, to throw together this little tribute bonus cartoon in honor of the occasion (and in case you have trouble getting it, just know that the Pasco tri-cities area are right next to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, of Manhattan Project and cold-war fame).

Anyway, see you next week.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Doubled my pleasure, doubled my fun! Way cool toons this time!