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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back from Comicon - Missing cartoon uploaded

We're back from the San Diego Comicon, and I've just uploaded last week's missing cartoon. Find it here.

Sadly, Chris didn't win the Scribe award, but we did have a good time, see some old friends, and meet some cool new ones. We also gave out about 700 "Evil is Just My Day Job" buttons, which is a drop in the 12,000 attendee Comicon bucket, but it was an experiment to see if we get any new traffic here. So if you found out about us at Comicon, please speak up!


Anonymous said...

Uh, Steve? Little typo there. The Comic-Con attendance is closer to 120,000 than 12,000. I think the actual figure I heard was 130,000, but that was just a rumor. The Comic-con site might have an actual figure.

J. Steven York said...

Whoops, you're right. Same drop. Bigger bucket. Still hard to wrap my head around that number. The town we live in has only 7,500 people.

Anonymous said...

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