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Monday, April 23, 2007

Minions #58 - Blue Collar in Black and White

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Shoplifters cheerfully disintegrated!



(It's only as bad as you think it is!)

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An after-work Martini-gram from from Minion Central:

Greetings, Real Minions,

As you may have noted, we had some problems with the images in our Cafe Press stores last week, but they were fixed over the weekend and everything seems to be back in order.

This marks the second appearance of the "other-Minions." Our guys last ran into them in this very same bar back in Minions #25. So I started to wonder, "who are these guys?" Now, maybe they just work for some other overlord, but our guys get around, and something about those yellow helmets and translucent sleeves somehow suggested that they were dedicated techies of some sort. And given that, could there be some friction with our work-a-day Minions? Quite possibly. I'll bet these guys have quite a rivalry when they play softball at the company picnic...

Anyway, I doubt this is the last you'll see of these guys. Since, in the novel I'm working on, I've dubbed our original Minions "White Team," then let's call these guys "Blue Team."

(By the way, does anybody else think that Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel's program Dirty Jobs really needs to hook up with the Minions?)

See you next week...

- Steve, Master of Multiple Minions


Anonymous said...

There is a resemblance there ... LOL

Tom said...

The blue team is great! They remind me of the "alarm guy" from "A Fistful of Yen" in "The Kentucky Fried Movie." Too many "quotation" "marks" must "stop"...

Great stuff as always!

Anonymous said...

Talk about hitting the big time- a guest appearance by Lucy Liu! btw, I thought Mike Rowe WAS a Minion.

BrineB said...

LOL! Love the "blue collar" humor ... I've had may of the same conversations in a bar!!!