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Monday, April 09, 2007

Minions #56 - Shrinkage

Click image for full-sized version.

Shoplifters cheerfully disintegrated!

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A Tower of Truth (evil truth) from Minion Central:

Greetings, Followers of feloniousness,

Spring is sprung, so it seemed appropriate to take the Minions outside. Well, actually, it was raining here, but luckily we had some outdoor shots from last summer just awaiting editing and a good caption. I do hope to get the Minions out on location a time or two this spring and summer though, when the weather permits.

Hey, don't forget to check our sidebar (that's over to the side of your screen there), as I'll try to add at least some new bit of fun and amusement every week. It may be subtle, and it may not happen on Monday at the same time as the new cartoon, but it will be there...

See y'all next week.

- The Stevemeister

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