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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Minions #55 - One Up

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A long, cool, drink of water from Minion Central:

Greetings, Patrons of Perpetration,

This is, more or less, the one year anniversary of "Minions at Work." My first cartoon post on the original "Minions for Hire" was April 7th of last year (the Minions first appeared on some GI Joe collecting web sites a bit before that). Bah! Where's my cake! I wanted cake!

The Minions, meanwhile have returned to the bar for a little Minion refreshment. I'd say they were celebrating their birthday, but to be honest, they don't need an excuse.

Meanwhile, I slave away at the keyboard finishing my Star Trek project. I did, however, give up some break time to finish opening our second Cafe Press store, Number 2's House of Naughty, featuring items inspired by last week's "There's Evil in My Pants" cartoon. Actually, these things are only really naughty if you have a dirty mind, and that couldn't possibly apply to you, could it?

Anyway, if you should, for some reason that escapes me, wish to proclaim that you have evil in your pants, you'll find a whole variety of shirts, hats, bumper stickers, and yeah, even undies to help you out in that area -- in adult sizes only, of course (though, as any parent can tell you, there is a certain inescapable logic in doing an infant/toddler size as well.)

I haven't installed a link for this in the sidebar, so again, here's the link.

See you next week,

- Steve, Evil Shopkeeper

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