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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Minions #49 - Black Thumb

Looking is free - at least until we can find a way to charge for it. We're evil, darn it!

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Notes from the Minion Master:

As I type this, we're finishing up our weekend at Radcon in Pasco, Washington. We had a good time visiting with fans and friends old and new, signing a few books, and modeling our new Minions at Work tee shirts. We're on our way home in a few hours, but it's a long drive, so I'm cutting the Minions loose a little early.

If you'll check the sidebar, you'll find a few fun changes.

First, a popular features on my newsgroup over on sff.net was my periodic postings of "good names for rock bands." I freely admit cribbing this idea from the wonderful novelist, writer, and humorist Dave Barry. After he started using the concept in his columns as a running joke, I couldn't help start noticing those odd combinations of words that come up in writing, conversation, or that I overhear in public places, that simply beg to be rock bands.

Now I'm moving the feature here where more people will see it. I try to make note of them, and record them for posterity. I'll update the list now and then whenever new names drop out of the ether.

You also note that the quotes from Number One and Number 2 have been changed. I'll try to change them now and then to keep things fresh and provide you with a new source of amusement, so keep watching.

- Steve, Minion Master

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