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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Minions #48 - Old story: Boy meets girl...

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About this week's comic: Well, I almost chickened out on this one. Not only is the punch-line pretty edgy, but of the three previewers I showed it to, two thought it was very funny, and the third thought my Minion was a guy, throwing a whole unintended spin on things. Not that I might not go there if that was the point of a good joke, but it wasn't...

I put it aside to consider pulling it or doing a reshoot. I also ran it past my homies on the "Minions Reminder List," and when the was overwhelmingly positive, I just posted it with a title that I hope clarifies all -- uh -- dangling gender issues. Just to be triple-clear, this Minion 67, our new female Minion. Really.

Anyway, it seems appropriate that I held this little romance back closer to Valentine's day anyway. Hope you like it. Hope you're still speaking to me. I do value all your opinions, so if you think things are funny, not funny, offensive, edgy, too edgy, not edgy enough, let me know. This isn't a democracy by any means, but I do listen and value your opinions.

And remember, as always, this is a parody, and all celebrity action figures are impersonated. No super-heroes were harmed in the shooting of this cartoon. (Whoops, I said "shoot" again!)

Next weekend Chris and I will be at the Radcon science fiction/gaming convention in Pasco, Washington, signing books, participating in panel programming, and generally trying to seduce some new folks to join us in the Minion way. The panel for next week is all but done, so barring technical difficulties on the road it should appear Monday (or perhaps even a little earlier).

One thing that does have me concerned, is that Blogger's little housekeeping robots flagged my other two blogs, Multiplex of the Mind (devoted to writing and other serious stuff) and One-Sixth (my hobby blog mainly aimed at fellow collectors of 1/6th action figures, rather than the general public) as "spam blogs." They locked the blogs so that I couldn't add new posts.

This shouldn't be a major point of concern. Somehow something about my blogs was tagged by the robots for the "no-fly" list. But supposedly all I needed to do was email them (done) and a real human would drop by to verify my non-blog status and allow me to post again. But this could take four business days. It hasn't happened here, but I can't say for sure that it won't. If we did get flagged, in theory we shouldn't be off-line more than the afore-mentioned four working days.


BrineB said...

I love it, I do understand your worries about the Minion, but EVEN if she was a he, it still works!!! It's really the classic Batman/Catwoman relationship.

J. Steven York said...

That "Dark guy" does have a taste for the bad girls, doesn't he?