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Monday, February 05, 2007

Minions #47 - Back to the Future

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About this week's comic:

Have a feeling of deja vu? Don't be alarmed. It's a common feeling for time-travelers.

Actually, this is a fill-in comic, as the one I'd had planned to post this week was held back for further scrutiny. Yeah, I knew I was pushing the "bad-taste" meter on this one, but one person I showed it to interpreted it in an unexpected way that was not intended, and which took it into way more controversial territory. So I have to figure out if I should just release it, scrap it, or put it out with a disclaimer to make sure nobody gets the wrong idea. I'm leaning towards the latter (and that's probably what I'll do), but I wanted at least a few more days to mull it over, and maybe run it past another pair of eyes or two. So I pulled this one out of the drawer instead.

Speaking of Time Travel
No, you did not miss Minions at Work #46. I realized after posting last week's cartoon (#45) that I'd screwed up the numbering. There were two posts previously made as #42 (I was probably confused by the "bonus" posting of #43) so I'm skipping a number to bring things back into order.

So, you did not miss #46. There is no #46! Or rather, #45 was #46. Confused? That's part of our plan! We're evil, darn it!

- Steve, Master of Evil plans, if not numbers.

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That might be my favorite punch line yet.