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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Minions Fan Art (and bonus Minions for you!)

From the beginning my philosophy has been that "Minions at Work" is a cartoon site that happens to use action figures, not an action-figure site that happens to have cartoons. In other words, my goal is to make this entertaining for anyone with a bit of pop-culture awareness, not just people who (like me) collect action figures. But given the unusual nature of our format, it's hard not to have things blur sometimes. For example:

Tom Brooks, who I know from my action figure discussion lists, sent me the attached cartoon and a suggestion. As you can see, Tom had followed my basic "recipe" and kitbashed (that's hobby-talk for combining existing parts to create something new) his own set of Minions characters. Let's just call them No. 1A and Number 13A. Tom was headed to "Joelanta" this weekend. Joelanta is one of the country's premiere shows for GI Joe and 1/6th action figure collectors, held in Atlanta, Georgia, and he wondered how I'd feel if he shot some photos of his Minions at Joelanta, in essence, providing some "on location" reports.

After some discussion about how we'd go about it and his getting an okay from the Joelanta organizers, I gave Tom the okay. We decided that he'd shoot some interesting shots, then send them to me for editing and captions. I wasn't sure what to expect, and I figured if the geek content was too high for the general audience here at Minions at Work,, I could post them on my hobby blog (pure action-figure geek content, visit at your own risk) One Sixth.

But as it happens, what I've gotten from Tom so far is really good stuff, and I think we can do some jokes suitable for general audiences. So come back here all this week for a series of special "Guest Minion" panels from Joelanta.

And as a preview, as a thanks to the Joelanta folks for their cooperation, I did a special Joelanta tribute Minions cartoon for them. You can find it on the Joelanta blog here.

So buck-up, Minions fans. In addition to your regularly scheduled Minions, you're going to get a whole bunch of bonus content this week! Thanks to Tom, Joelanta, and all the nice folks there who helped Tom get his shots (to be named later).

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