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Monday, October 02, 2006

Bonus Joelanta Minions #1

Click image for full-sized version.

If you're looking for our regular Monday Minons cartoon, scroll on down. It's there. But as promised, this is the first of our bonus Minions toons created by me using photos from Minons uberfan, Tom Brooks, taken at the Joelanta GI Joe show in Atlanta, Georgia last weekend. We'll be posting a new bonus panel every day this week, and maybe beyond, depending on how long the pictures, jokes, and my time hold out.

According to Tom, the happy fellow in the picture (no, NOT Minon No. 1A!), is Buddy Finethy, Joelanta's organizer, who was kind enough to allow Tom to shoot around the show.

Stay tuned, as Tom found us some fantastic stuff. Okay, one word to tease you with: Zombies!
Be there!

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