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Monday, March 12, 2012

Minions #311 - Spin Doctoring

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Greetings, Fringe-groups and Core Constituencies!

Hey, we only occasionally get political here at Minions at Work.  But considering some of the clowns and nut-jobs who have managed to get themselves on the national radar this election season, you can't blame us for at least poking fun at the process.  Especially not the part where the candidate, who appeals only to a loyal base consisting only of one-eyed, one-armed, left-handed neo-Nazi, anime-loving, poodle breeders, and who sends everyone else screaming for the exits, is "rebranded" in an attempt to appeal to a broader audience.

Let's face it folks, the old saying is true: you can't make a silk-purse out of a genetically engineered dinosaur-man, no matter what color Kool-aid you make him drink.

Just sayin.'

See you guys back here next week!

                       - Muddled Message Minion Master Steve

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