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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Minions #285 - Baby Gripes

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Greetings, Suckers!

As you read this, we'll hopefully be in (or near-to) Reno for the World Science Fiction convention, where Mrs. Minion Master and I will be appearing on convention programming.  If you're there, be sure to drop by our panels and say "hi."  Bring money.

Speaking of, we have a couple of new ebooks to hawk this one, and one of them is written by my CAT!  But trust me, this cat is EVIL!

If you or anyone you know aspires to be a writer, the World's Worst Literary Agent, Sydney T, Cat (because anybody can print up cards and call themselves an agent, even a cat!) will show you (by bad example) how bad-agents can break your spirit, steal your money, and wreck your career! Learn, laugh, and enjoy the illustrations (oooh, cat pictures!). $4.99 is a bargain!

Or, for a buck, you can read my latest short-story release, "Boldly Reimagined!"

The pitch:

When Diana Mallock is oldest writer, and only woman, hired to write for a new TV show "boldly reimagining" Jason and the Argonauts for a modern audience, she has no idea what she's getting into. She's brought late to the writer's room party, and the wild ideas are already flying.

Soon the show has morphed into a sci-fi show titled "Jason and the Stargonauts," and she can already feel herself being eased out the door by the all-boy-writers-club...

But Diana likes her new home, and has decided to fight for her job with every skill and dirty trick she's got. She has some wild ideas of her own, and the "boys" won't know what hit them.

Before the dust has settled, heads will roll, roles will reverse, genders will swap, alliances will be forged and broken, and science-fiction television will never be the same again!

Come on back next week, when the Minions will be there, but I maybe won't be!

                                                                                   - Minion Master, Steve

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