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Monday, August 01, 2011

Minions #283 - Management Plugger

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Greetings, Jar Heads!

I just this minute realized I made a big mistake a couple weeks ago, what with all the vacation related confusion, and ran the same cartoon twice!  What's worse, I ran the same cartoon twice only a month after it had first run!  Yes, Minions at Work #277 and #281, same cartoon!  But what's REALLY sad is that nobody noticed and called me on it!  PAY MORE ATTENTION!  Somebody has to, because I obviously haven't lately.

See you guys next week back here at the lair!

               - Minimal Minion Master Steve

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Chris said...

So, is Captain Head-In-a-Jar related to Geoff Petersen? Of do they just have similar needs?

J. Steven York said...

It's DOCTOR head-in-a-jar. He hardly ever talks about his dad, Captain Head-in-a-jar.

The difference between he and Geoff? Doc has treads on his support chair. He only sleeps near an outlet, and doesn't have to live within 12 feet of one!

But hey, thanks for your question!

Anonymous said...

RE: #277 and #281 -

I just assumed it was a running gag.