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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Minions #273 - Over-careful (and our new Twitter feed!)

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Greetings, Feeder Mice!

Great news, everybody!  We've added a new way for you keep up with (and enjoy) Minions at Work!  Minion No. 1 now has his own Twitter feeds, were you'll get live updates from the lair, links about evil and mad-science of all kinds, and of course announcements of the latest Minions at Work cartoons!  You can find the feed at:
or if you're already on Twitter, just add @MinionNo1 to your follow list!

The bad news is that the Evil Overlords at Facebook are "improving" the group function we've been using for reminders there in a way that will pretty much destroy it for us.  Maybe we'll come up with an alternative, but if you're using Facebook for your reminders, I'd suggest you either use the Twitter feed above, or join our email list on Yahoo.

                                    - Minion (but not Facebook) Master Steve

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