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Monday, May 16, 2011

Minions #272 - Off Office Space

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Greetings, Cubical Chipmunks!

Yes, we're cutting it close this week, BUT IT'S STILL TECHNICALLY MONDAY!

And hey, speaking of offices, check out of a couple of my favorite office comedies at the links below.  "Office Space" is a live-action cult classic from those "South Park" guys that you've probably heard of (or seen), but I'll bet you've never heard of the obscure-but-similar Haiku Tunnel!  It's about a wanna-be writer working as a temp who goes slowly insane when offered a full-time position at the company where's he's working.  The build-up is a little slow, but the pay-off is a classic (and pretty good real-world advice for dealing with deadlines, too)!  They'd make a great double-feature!  Check them out!

See you next Technical Monday!

    - Master Minion Procrastinator, Steve

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