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Monday, April 11, 2011

Minion #267 - A Paradox is Not a Pair

Go back in time and click on cartoon so it will already be big!

Greetings, Quantum Uncertainties!

Still without our main camera, so I've literally been going back in time to whip up some cartoon inventory.  So, forgive me if a couple of pictures in upcoming weeks look familiar....

Look, I'm CHEATING, okay!  It's EVIL!  EVIL is what we DO around here!  You got a problem with that, you're reading the wrong danged web comic!

Anyway, I've got enough comics to last for a few weeks here, which will let me focus on getting the camera fixed.  Of course, as always, your money makes everything go smoother.  Either I can use it to get the camera fixed if the warranty doesn't cover it, or I can just roll around in it to pass the time while waiting for it to come back from the shop!

So click the DONATE button below and give me your retirement fund.  Go on!  You know you want to!  The way things are going, what are the odds you're gonna live that long anyway?

                              = Your Minion Money-master, Steve

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