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Monday, September 13, 2010

Minions #239 - It's a Trap!

Important news this week!  
Be sure to read the message from your Minion Master 
after the post below!
Click in Cartoon to Enlarge ! (No, it's a trap!) Shut up!  (Make me!) If you insist...  (AAAAGH)

Stand by, following the usual dubious bait for a trap sprung by your Minion Master!

  Your interminable wait is important to us. To serve you better, a supervisor may feed the representative assigned to serve you to the bottomless-pit-mosquitoes just before they can answer your call.

 It's just one more way of saying, "we care, just not about you."

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Greetings, Trying-to-Chew-Your-Legs-Off Folks!

Hey, some exciting news this week.  Remember a while back when I talked about dumping blogger and moving the site to WordPress, and the ComicPress template that's actually designed from the ground up for web comics?  Well, we're doing it!  Not today, but hopefully soon, and I wanted to give you some advance notice and let you know what's going on.

First of all, I've bought a NEW domain name for the Minions.  www.TheMinionsAtWork.com

Why?  Well, the problem is, we get a LOT of traffic here from a cool web-site called TVTropes, which uses our cartoons as examples for some of its TV and movie tropes.  As such, it has a zillion direct links to individual cartoons on the current site.  If I move this site, or change the software (and therefore break all the links), I lose that traffic.  So my plan is to leave this domain and site as is, except there'll be a big notice and link at the top pointing folks to our NEW site.

The other problem is, we've got several hundred old cartoons posted here that will have to be moved into some kind of archive if I move the site.  So, if I leave this site in place, it will serve as an archive until all the old posts get moved (and as you'll see, remastered) as we go down the line.

My plan with the new site, when I get it started up, is to begin posting a new cartoon there on Mondays as always, followed by a couple of "remastered" classic Minions cartoons each week.  By remastered, it means I'll do a clean-up pass on each of our old cartoons.  Some (especially the very early ones) may be posted in higher resolution than you've seen them before.  Titles will be updated, some glitches and mistakes will be fixed, and other minor improvements made.

I hope that even long-time Minions fans will enjoy our "remastered" cartoons as well as our new ones.  Heck, looking back, I've forgotten I did a lot of these, so they'll probably look new to most of you as well!  Also, at two posts a weej, it means we'll have three posts a week on the new site for a couple YEARS without me needing to speed up production at all!  Since I'm going to be working harder to get new eyes on the site, hopefully will pay off for everyone!

Of course, there's a lot of work to be done.  I'm totally clueless with ComicPress, so it's going to be steep learning curve, and even once I do, I'll have to redesign a new site to fit the template.  If you'd like to follow my progress and make rude comments, visit me a www.TheMinionsAtWork.com any old time  (not much to see there yet, but maybe later this week).  As always, your support through donations and buying stuff through our CafePress and Amazon links is well appreciated!

Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of advance warning when we're moving!  Unless I learn a lot faster than I expect, I think it will be at least several weeks, and probably longer.  Stay tuned!

- Moving Minion Master Steve

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