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Monday, April 26, 2010

Minions at Work #218 - Hot Zone

Click Photo to Enlarge - The Overlords say DO IT NOW!

 Stand by, following the usual poor planning for an even worse alternative from your Minion Master!  

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Greetings, Picnic Basket-cases!

Today's cartoon represents pretty much the last of our inventory worth mentioning, so I'd darned-well better get back to the business of evil (and the photographing thereof) this week! Our reorganization efforts here aren't nearly done, but I'm making progress (today's projects include setting up a new work-table, and hanging giant-spider-like storage bags from the studio-ceiling), but I've broken the log-jam things had turned into here and henceforth I'll be able to shoot and sort at the same time.

Mrs. Minion Master (AKA mystery-writer Christy Evans) is going to Virgina for the Malice Domestic mystery conference the latter-half of the week.  In theory, that should allow me more uninterrupted time to some shooting and sorting done (though I know from experience it rarely works that way).  We'll see.

I know it's not quite picnic-weather in much of the country (it's raining cats and dogs here at the lair today), but it's close enough to start thinking about it.  So I figured today's cartoon wasn't too premature.

Anyway, this is still posting later than I'd like today, so back to work.  See you guys back here at the lair next week!

                             - Minion Master Steve
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SnakeJawz said...

Obviously it required alot of time and coordination, as does any good minion party.