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Monday, December 14, 2009

Minions #198 - You Better Not Go Commando

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Greetings, Christmas Sacks!

My friend, author Nathan Meyer (he must be my friend, as he keeps calling me "Big Guy," and I don't kill him for it) asked recently if Santa would be making an appearance in "Minions at Work."  I told him yes, as that had been my general plan, but as the days have passed, I still hadn't gotten around to shooting something new. 

Doing Christmas shoots is hard, as it requires me to find a BUNCH of props that I have boxed away somewhere and generally only use once a year.  I then have to build a generally one-of-a-kind set and for all that work, it's generally useless for anything else the rest of the year.  (In general, whenever I do a new set or setup, I have a gag in mind, but I also shoot a lot of "extras" from different angles, sometimes with different characters or props in the same set, kind of at random, in hopes that I can come up with a punchline for them at some later date.)

Anyway, last night I decided I couldn't wait any longer, and went back to a previous year's shoot (of Santa and Minion No. 1 drinking in a bar) to see if I could come up with a way to reuse any of it.  Lo, I thought of a pretty good punchline and put this week's cartoon together.

Satisfied, I came into to bed and turned on my Amazon Kindle (ebook reader) and watched as the new issue of "The New Yorker" came in over the wireless.  As usual, I went straight for the cartoons, and wouldn't you know it, there was a Santa cartoon with a punch-line somewhat similar to mine.  (Santa is talking the Mrs. Claus, rather than being in a bar, and while the setup is the same, the payoff is slightly different.)  I don't know what this proves, except that my humor has more class than I think, or maybe I should be sending my cartoons to The New Yorker, where I could actually make some money on them.

Anyway, we're staying home for the holidays this year, so your Minions at Work cartoons will come through live and uninterrupted.  Speaking of, you may have noticed that we're coming up on cartoon #200 and are wondering if we have anything special planned.  The answer is, no, really.  I was hoping to put together another YouTube video, but I just haven't had the time or proper inspiration.  I may come up with something a little extra for 200, but I don't know what yet, and it won't be a major deal.  Maybe I'll get something together for #250, or we'll just retroactively celebrate #200 a little late.

Hope you all have a happy holiday.  Personally, we're hoping for the Red Ryder Atomic Death Cannon with Gamma Overdrive, a brass-knuckle hand-grip, radar targeting, under barrel missile launcher, and a mind-control device in the stock.

I know, I know: "You'll put your continent out."  Trust me.  We've heard it all before.

- Steve

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Studio 126 said...

Wouldn't Santa's elves be types of minions?

J. Steven York said...

You'd think so, but rumor has it they're union...