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Monday, September 21, 2009

Minions #187 - Putting Your Foot Down

Be sure to check today's Minion Master Message for some lair-related links you're sure to enjoy, plus FREE stuff!

Stand by, following the usual double-dealing for a bitter betrayal by your Minion Master!

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Greetings, Roadside Litter!

First of all, I promised you links, and I give you links, and also FREE STUFF! It an effort to stay ahead of the field of evil, we here at Minions Studios continuously scan the world's news media for signs of super-villain related activity, and there have been a couple of significant new publications this week.

First of all, from that accurate, fair, and balanced news-source, the Onion (at least compared to FOX NEWS) comes a tragic story on those most harmed by climate change. I'm of course talking about super-villains! Read the story HERE.

Next, Cracked.com (who I won't claim is more accurate, fair, and balanced than FOX NEWS -- okay, well, a little...) takes us on a tour of six real-life (like everything in Minions at Work isn't real -- I'm just a documentarian, like Michael Moore, only better-dressed) super-villain lairs. Lots of great pictures and info here, which will be useful in designing your own lair against the forces of good and niceness. Check it out HERE.

FREE STUFF! Speaking of the fun that is murder, mayhem, and rough plumbing, we're only a couple of weeks from the release of Mrs. Minion Masters's new mystery series (or at least, the first volume thereof), "Sink Trap." It's about a female apprentice plumber with a talent for solving crime, and it's great fun.

If it's not your cup-of-tea, I'll bet you know somebody who would enjoy it. This isn't hardboiled PI stuff, so even your sweet granny might like it. (Who are you kidding anyway? She was at Woodstock, fer cripes sake! She isn't that sweet! What? She didn't tell you about Woodstock? See! I told you she wasn't that sweet!) Anyway, score some points by suggesting the book, and dropping Mrs. Minion Master's name. ("Yeah, I virtually hang out with her evil husband all the time. Totally.")

Anyway, if you're just too cheap to buy a copy, Mrs. Minion Master is giving away a signed advance reader copy of the book. This is a highly limited collector's item, so trust me, your inner Gollum wants the Precious. Trust me on this. And there are more give-aways to come. Check out the book, and the give-away, on her mystery site HERE.

Anyway, see you back here next week.

- Plugmaster JS, Steve

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