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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Minions #158 - It's the Thought that Counts

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Stand by, following some sugar-frosted jibber-jabber, for a tasty treat from your Minion Master!

Your execution is important to us. To serve you better, your execution may be observed by a supervisor, who will step in to kick you if the corpse is still twitching.

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Greetings, Short Timers!

Yeah, we're a little late again this week. A few hours anyway. Lots of business stuff going on here that could lead to exciting mad-science related news.  

Or not. Because it might be secret. Nobody has said for sure yet.

Maybe by next week I'll be able to tell you if I can't tell you.

Also, we've been busy setting ourselves up on Facebook for promotional purposes. I'm hoping that it will also steer a little more traffic here. I've never properly promoted the site. Anyway, if you want to friend me, use the new Facebook badge in the sidebar, or search on "j-steven-york" and that should do the job I think.

I'll be posting weekly notices of the new cartoon there, so it's an alternative to the reminder list.

Anyway, keep those comments coming, and I'll see you next week.

- Your Under-overlord, Steve

1 comment:

cakequeen said...

Laugh out loud funny!
Did you know that no one books a plane ticket on the 13th of any month so it is a great way of getting upgraded to first class?